Katja Bruhin


Katja Bruhin is a swiss graphic designer, art director & photographer based in New York City. Since 2015 she has been working both independently and collaboratively with a wide range of creative concerns and applied media; exploring boundaries between printed matter, digital design, still and moving images, editing and publishing to packaging design and strategic work. She has collaborated with fashion designers, cultural/art/fashion institutions, writers, musicians as well as non-profit organisations.

Some of her collaborators include Marian Goodman Gallery, Museum des Landes Glarus, Kunsthaus Glarus, Fidan Novruzova, Conner Ives, Vexer Verlag, Y/Project, The Hessel Museum of Art at CCS Bard, Edition Patrick Frey, Black & White/Harsh Patel, Hugo & Marie, Studio Manuel Raeder, Il Servo Muto Teatro Milan, Bloc+ Glasgow, Red Bull Music Academy, Fairfax Cinema Los Angeles, Doing Fashion / FHNW Institute of Fashion Design Basel. 

New York


Publishing, Print

Sonja Editions



The small publishing imprint ‘Sonja’ was founded in 2021 with the dedication to further explore the relationships between fine art and print/digital media. The first edition consists of two sets of silkscreen diptychs.
60 printed on white paper and 10 printed on black paper

17in × 23in 

Conner Ives

E-Commerce Website Design

Conner Ives



The UK based label Conner Ives, from it’s inception, has looked to address how they can make smarter and more sustainable clothes through the use of dead-stock and vintage garments. Nostalgia is portrayed in an almost literal sense as a result of his design process. In close collaboration with the designer, I have conceptualised and designed his first e-commerce platform showcasing his collections, garments & story. Heavily inspired by 90’s advertising  design, the site makes use of a lot of whitespace. Typeface, Big Caslon, designed by British type designer Matthew Carter. Website developed by Eric Price.



Photography, Publishing, Print

Self Publishing


An Image

Artist Publication

Dominik Hodel


Dominik Hodel’s work has always revolved around the circulation of images in everyday life. Today, more than ever, an object / subject navigates to the point of losing its stance between screens, billboards, magazine covers, social media platforms and façade banners. In this publication, which was developed for the exhibition Product Placement at Coalmine Gallry in Winterthur, Switzerland, Hodel skilfully negotiates topics such as medial intimacy or the image as a role model. The moment the photographed object holds the camera towards us, the circle closes and we become aware of our own objectivity. This publication has been designed in close collaboration with the swiss artist & photographer Dominik Hodel.
Edition of 100
42cm × 29.7cm
24 pages

Fior Lilotte Pina


Self Publishing


Fidan Novruzova Graphic Identity

Graphic Identity, Packaging Design, Art Direction

Fidan Novruzova


Azerbajani womenswear  fashion designer Fidan Novruzova, launched her namesake label back in October 2020. Novruzova’s cerebral garments are quietly imbued with manifold layers of symbolism, exploring the notion of modern nostalgia while nodding to her heritage. The designer has returned to Moldova to build her brand and where she draws inspiration for her collections, often combining futuristic and experimental silhouettes. Her materials and garments are sourced and produced locally in Moldova, whilst she collaborates with global talent on building her brand.
In close collaboration with the designer herself I have created her brand identity, graphics, packaging designs, campaigns, lookbooks, social media posts and other printed and digital matter. 

Fidan Novruzova Website & Archive

E-Commerce Website Design

Fidan Novruzova


Azerbajani womenswear  fashion designer Fidan Novruzova, based  in Moldova, launched her namesake label back in October 2020. Novruzova’s cerebral garments are quietly imbued with manifold layers of symbolism, exploring the notion of modern nostalgia while nodding to her heritage. The designer has returned to Moldova to build her brand where she draws inspiration for her collections, often combining futuristic and experimental silhouettes. Her materials and garments are sourced and produced locally in Moldova, whilst  she collaborates with global talent on building her brand.


Piece of You

Art Direction

Laura Tanzer



As part of Laura Tanzer’s final year project for her BA at Central Saint Martins, she has collected old garments of various different personas within the fashion industry and close circle of friends. Those garments created the backbone of her collection which she then processed into her six look graduate collection. The project Piece of You is an ode to upcycling and sustainable fashion and honors the people that have inspired and shaped her along her carreer.
In close collaboration with Laura Tanzer we have worked on a narrative documenting her process, impacted by a nationwide lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. A book about the project is currently in the making, further showing how her garments made their course through various shoots and magazines, closing the cycle of her project. 

Photography: Product Shots – Wing To Fung @wingtofun / Editorial 1 – Phil Engelhardt @philengelhardt / Editorial 2 – @s.a.m.khoury

Tunez, Some of my Favorite


Self Publishing




Self Publishing


Olga is a selfinititated magazine project that puts an eye on contemporary and historical photography. It is dedicated to photographers who seem to have gotten lost in history and gives room and a voice for contemporary photographers. In its first issue it set focus on Mexico, its history and artists. 

MIS – Mobility International Schweiz

Graphic Identity

Mobility International Schweiz


Mobility International Schweiz is the information office for travelling without barriers in Switzerland. The primary mission of this specialized travel office is to collect information from all over the world for people with disabilities and to make them accessible. The concept for this graphic identity is based on the simple idea that the essential aim of MIS is to bring people from one point to another. Not only is the dot often used on maps to point out a location, it is also used in sign language. 


Logo & Album Cover Design

Nicolò Comotti


Comotti is an italian musician and writer based in Berlin. This logo and some of his album covers were created between 2015 and 2016. 

International Office

Website Design

Johnny Graf


International Office was founded by Johnny Graf in 2018. Over the past 10 years of practice, the graphic designer and art director has created a large body of work. We created an archival website to present his projects in a chronological matter. 

Musem des Landes Glarus

Graphic Identity, Pitch

Museum des Landes Glarus



The «Museum des Landes Glarus» is located in one of the most important secular buildings of the 17th century in Switzerland: the Freuler Palace. The magnificent building was built in 1642–1648 for the Glarus Guard Colonel Kaspar Freuler. The museum displays the richly furnished interiors of the 17th century and the history of the Canton of Glarus. Repetition, symmetry, patterns and decorative elements are distinctive design features in this building.
Together with two other graphic designer we were invited to rethink the palasts graphic identity and propose a redesigned language. I based my aesthetics around the aformentioned design qualitites of the museum and created a pattern/form system drawn from symmetrical elements found throughout the palast. 

SUGO – Euro Trash Italo Disco


Bloc+ Glasgow


SUGO - Euro Trash Italo Disco, was a monthly venue organised by Guglielmo Perfetto at Bloc+ in Glasgow, Scotland. As the title describes, a celebration of italian disco.

Herbarium der Sehnsucht

Artist Book

Maria Josefa Lichtsteiner


In the context of a call for proposals from the Albert Koechlin Stiftung on the theme of ‘longing’, Maria Josefa Lichtsteiner was able to realise her project Herbarium der Sehnsucht (Herbarium of Longing) with a publication and a garden installation. She chose 20 private gardens in central Switzerland for her project and visited them several times over the course of a year. With the garden installation in the park of the Bruder Klaus Museum, the artist attempted to convey moments of longing, as expressed in the conversations with the private gardeners. Following the cycle of vegetation, the installation changed constantly from spring to autumn.

In this book, the artist approaches the field of tension between hope, patience and transience – which emerged in the conversations about longing, and which is directly linked to the place of the garden – in different ways and draws across drawings, collages, photographs and silkscreen prints.

Published by Vexer Verlag

143 pages, 21.4 × 15.3 cm, softcover, thread stitching





Doing Fashion Graduate Show 2019

Graphic Identity, Art Direction

FHNW Institute of Fashion Design Basel


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